Total Shoulder



Total Shoulder

Have you had increased tenderness, swelling or stiffness in your shoulder?

If you are suffering shoulder arthritis or have been injured Dr. Wayne O. Alani, M.D. board certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston is an expert in the field of shoulder resurfacing and replacement. He has performed thousands of shoulder procedures and has established himself as a leading orthopedic surgeon in the field of orthopedic shoulder procedures including shoulder replacement surgery.

What are the symptoms?:

•    Pain with activities
•    Limited range of motion
•    Shoulder stiffness
•    Swelling of the joints
•    Joint tenderness
•    A feeling of grinding or catching inside the joint

Conditions such as Osteorathritis (degenerative joint disease), Rhematoid and Post-traumatic arthritis, and Avascular necrosis are excellent candidates for the Total Shoulder Replacement surgery performed by Dr. Wayne O. Alani.
Benefits of Total Shoulder Replacement:

•    Eliminate or reduce pain
•    Enhance movement and mobility
•    Improve quality of life
•    Return to normal activity
•    Low-impact sports and activities

Dr. Wayne O. Alani expert Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston encourages and advocates for the implementation of nonsurgical means of treatment whenever possible. However if surgery is necessary, know that you are in good hands. You can trust that the final decisions will be made to accommodate and be sensitive to your needs and preferences based on his expert professional experience.
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