Sports Medicine



Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Are you currently suffering from a sports-related injury?

Dr. Wayne Alani can help you get back in the game.

Sports Medicine is a rapidly progressing field concerned with treating sports related injuries as well as optimizing your potential performance as an athlete. Dr. Wayne O. Alani, Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston with Fondren Orthopedic Group, is recognized as one of the leaders in Houston's Sports Medicine, and has helped countless athletes and hobbyists recover from a variety of sports injuries through both surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

Dr. Wayne Alani is a leading orthopedic surgery in Houston for:

• Knee problems including ACL, MCL, PCL ligament injuries
• Shoulder injuries (See also: Total Shoulder Replacement)
• Hip injuries (See also: Total Hip Replacement)
• Foot/Ankle injuries (See also: Foot and Ankle)
• Strains and Sprains
• Recurrent dislocations
• Ruptured rotator cuffs

Dr. Wayne Alani of Fondren Orthopedic group offers the most advanced surgical techniques, many of which they developed and include non-surgical treatment options.

If surgery is necessary, groundbreaking advances have made in-patient procedures nearly obsolete which means shorter recovery times and less pain.

Remember that minor Sports-related injuries often turn into major problems when not treated properly. Whether you have a sprain that is not properly healing, have a desire to optimize your athletic performance, or are in need of major orthopedic surgery—Dr. Wayne O. Alani is a leading authority in Houston committed to meeting your personalized needs through the highest quality orthopedic care available.

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