Shoulder Arthroscopy



Shoulder Arthroscopy

Are you experiencing chronic shoulder pain?

Shoulder arthroscopy specialist Dr. Wayne O. Alani in Houston can help!

Dr. Wayne Alani in Houston is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with the Fondren Orthopedic group. (see About Dr. Alani) and has successfully replaced, repaired, and treated thousands of shoulder injuries and is among the leading experts in this field. With international training in state-of-the-art techniques you will receive the highest level of care to facilitate a speedy recovery in one of our three state-of-the-art clinics in West Houston and Sugarland.

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that is use for examining and treating many injuries such as torn floating cartilage, torn surface cartilage, ACL reconstruction and trimming damaged cartilage.

A type of endoscopy, a small camera is inserted into the joint with the ability to magnify the images it transmits as much as 30x, allowing Dr. Alani to examine and repair damage to joints and muscles with precision and efficiency. The surgery is performed by making two small incisions which means a shorter healing period and less pain for you.

Shoulder problems and injuries Dr. Wayne Alani has successfully treated include:

• Shoulder Instability - A feeling where the shoulder might slip from its socket, it is most common in younger people and athletes.
• Rotator Cuff Tear - When the muscles that rotate and move the arm become strained or torn.
• Frozen Shoulder - Extreme stiffness of the shoulder. Accompanied with pain when the shoulder is moved in any direction.
• Overuse and Strain - Many in the middle-aged demographic experience some form of this as many put extreme stress on their shoulders by participating in intense physical activity without regular exercise.
• Arthritis - Joints wear away causing a problem in the how joint. This can lead to osteroarthritis which causes pain every time the joint is moved. Treating arthritis during it's onset can help prevent the degradation causing a total joint replacement.

The shoulder is the most mobile and flexible joint in the entire body which makes it susceptible to strain and injury. It is also among the most used and most stressed joints so taking care of small injuries will prevent major problems from developing. Whatever your needs board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Wayne O. Alani will implement cutting-edge technology and procedures to ensure that you receive the most effective level of care you need.

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