Joint Replacement



Joint Replacement

Joint replacement therapy

Is your joint soreness becoming a serious pain?

Either through age related arthritis or injury sometimes joints need to be replaced.
Dr. Wayne O. Alani of Fondren Orthopedic Group is one of Houston’s most trusted orthopedic surgeons in the field of joint replacement.
Advancements in the field of joint replacement surgery such as the 30-year knee and minimally invasive surgeries are changing orthopedic surgery options.

Using these cutting edge procedures Dr. Alani has helped thousands of his patients regain an active lifestyle while also establishing himself as a leading expert in this field.

Examples of joint replacement surgeries Dr. Wayne O. Alani in Houston has performed are:

• Joint replacement in the hand (*link to Hand)
• Shoulder joint replacement. (*link to Shoulder)
• Hip replacement (*link to Hip)
• Knee replacement (*link to knee)

Increased pain? Reduced joint movement? Extreme stiffness?

These are signs of arthritis which is a permanent condition that gets worse over time.
Making the decision to have a joint replacement surgery can be difficult which is why
Dr. Wayne Alani has a relationship based practice ensure you have a complete understanding of what your options so that you can make the best decision and receive the highest level of care in your joint replacement surgery.

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