Abnormal Knee Surgery in Children Orthopedics



Abnormal Knee Surgery in Children Orthopedics

In our third installment of potential orthopedic issues facing parents of children with developmental problems, we focus on differentiating extreme abnormal skeletal issues with naturally occurring ones.  Naturally occurring knock-kneed configuration may persist as late as age six.  Very occasionally, children can have other problems that result in an abnormal alignment.  Some of these problems relate to serious injuries, problems with metabolism or nutrition.

When this is due to trauma, like a fracture healing incorrectly, genetic bone growth abnormalities, or severe injury to the shin bone, these issues may need to be corrected in surgery.  The child orthopedic specialist may order x-rays if there is a concern regarding the underlying skeletal structure.  

If curvature of your child’s leg is extreme, asymmetrical, growth is inhibited, or if knock-knees persist beyond age seven, talk to your pediatrician.  In some cases, treatment from a pediatric orthopedist may be required to resolve the issue.

Though surgery is rare, cases where orthopedic surgery is used is proven to correct extreme knock-knees causing pain or inhibit walking, or that will cause arthritis later in life. Surgery is usually done at about age 10 or 11 while the child is still growing.  The surgery may involves fusing or inserting pins at certain growth plates so that abnormal growth may be restricted in areas that are growing faster than others.

Though there is significant differences in orthopedic issues for patients in Houston who face developmental issues, we will assist you find the solution you need to restore your child's mobility.  


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