Bone Grafting Surgeries in Houston



Bone Grafting Surgeries in Houston

Bone grafts are extremely important procedures for looking to orthopedic surgeons in Houston to restore their mobility after injury.  While the advancement of technology has yielded great successes in bone graft surgery, safety issues still arise and are a top concern for any surgeon working with a patient to plan their procedure.  The goal pre-surgery is to eliminate any risk of complication or infection to the patient.

In keeping this goal in mind for the ultimate success of the procedure, any allograft tissue used in the grafting procedure undergoes intense scrutiny in the laboratory screening process before ever being used in the body.  An allograft tissue is one that is the transplantation of cells, tissues, or organs to the recipient from a donor that has different genes.  

The simple fact that tissue not originating from the patient is being used opens the patients risk level up to foreign pathogens like hepatitis.  As nearly one third of all bone grafts used in North America are allografts, this is a concern for any procedure. Which is exactly why tissue engineering and genetic therapy hold promise for new bone-graft substitutes.  Regardless, the risk is extremely minimal given our intensive treatment of donor tissue in the lab.  The tissues are often flash frozen, freeze dried, and radiated to eliminate all potential pathogens.  

If you have questions regarding bone grafting, call your orthopedic surgeon in Houston.



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