Middle Aged Orthopedic Injuries



Middle Aged Orthopedic Injuries

While orthopedic surgical issues arise for many reasons, those of middle aged individuals most commonly result from over activity without previous training.  No other group of individuals is more likely to injure themselves than middle aged returning to physical activity.  The primary reason is their own understanding of their physical limitations.

We've all heard the old adage, "Young at Heart, Young at Mind," but where does your body fit in?  When an individual of middle-age makes a decision to return to physical activity, the tendency is to participate in extreme or rigorous activities.  Without proper training or body strengthening, the body is in a weakened  condition that is prone to injury.  Carrying too much weight can also be dangerous and lead to further complications.  Both of these pre-existing conditions are a barrier to staying in shape.

Starting gradually increases the likelihood that you will loose weight and strengthen muscles that might otherwise lead to torn or impacted knee and leg ligaments or even severe compression of the spine.  Each of these issues can be extremely painful, interfere with your daily activities, and may even require orthopedic surgery.  

For those that have already suffered high impact injuries in returning to physical activities, call your orthopedic doctor in Houston immediately for a consultation.  For those beginning to see signs of injury and spinal compression, take some time out and rest--then consult with your orthopedic doctor.  If you are just now planning to return to physical activity, are middle-aged, and haven't begun training yet, call your orthopedic doctor for a consultation regarding the risks and developing a work out plan that will bring you back up to strength before engaging in high impact physical activities.  



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