Bow Legs In Children Orthopedics



Bow Legs In Children Orthopedics

Though pigeon-toeing may not be a clear indication that your child’s structural development is at risk, bow legs and knock-knees might be stronger indications that a more serious underlying issue exists. Most parents will see some form of these conditions in the early development phases of walking however slight.  The best action is to encourage the physical activity of the child to strengthen and straighten the legs in combination with a healthy diet rich in micronutrients and fiber.

Bowlegs is a condition known as genu varum.  This is the condition where the legs bend outward and the curvature of the leg is over accentuated.  When standing erect, the child’s knees will not be able to touch.  Though usually an inherited trait that can work out on its own, it is possible to be the result of a medical condition called Rickets.

Rickets is a condition that occurs due to malnutrition.  Though rare, given the improvement of nutrition in the US, Rickets does cause severe pain and bow legs to occur.  It can be easily remedied by adding Vitamin D or calcium to the diet.  If you believe your child might have Rickets, contact your family doctor immediately.

Blount’s Disease is also a condition that cause bow legs.  Unlike Rickets, Blount’s Disease is not a simple malnutrition issue and may require the assistance of an orthopedic doctor.

Blount’s affects the tibia bone in one or both of the lower legs to cause leg bowing when the child is about 2 years of age.  The condition’s cause is unknown, the disease causes abnormal growth of the upper tibia bone where it connects with the knee joint.  An orthopedic solution is bracing or orthopedic leg surgery when the child reaches the 3 to 4 year old age mark.

Should your child’s bow legs worsen or show no signs of improvement with encouragement of physical activity, you should call your orthopedic doctor or family doctor to determine the best course of action for your child


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