Are you experiencing Ankle Pain?

Dr. Wayne O. Alani, M.D. in Houston is a leading orthopedic surgeon working with the Fondren Orthopedic Group, West Houston Medical Center, Southwest Memorial Hospital and Texas Orthopedic Hospital. He also has three personal clinics in West Houston and Sugarland. Dr. Alani has built his practice by establishing personal relationships with his patients and has established himself as a leading surgeon in the field of orthopedic surgery.

Below are some informitive facts on Ankle Pain and Orthopedic Knee Surgery offered by Dr. Alani:

When Should I Seek Medical Care?exam
Common Causes of Ankle Pain
Is Surgery right for You?
The Orthopaedic Evaluation

Realistic Expectations About Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Your Recovery at Home or in the Hospital

Avoiding Problems After Surgery



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