Acute & Reconstruction Trauma



Acute & Reconstruction Trauma

Acute & Reconstruction Trauma

Have you been in a major car wreck, suffered a sports related injury or other serious accident?

Dr. Wayne O. Alani recognized Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston with Fondren Orthopedic Group has established himself as an expert in Acute and Reconstruction Trauma through countless successful reconstructive surgeries in Houston, as well as implementing nonsurgical methods to enable recovery for unfortunate and unforeseen accidents. Our comprehensive orthopedic trauma capabilities include:

• Minimally invasive surgery for fractures.
• Treatment of nonunions and malunions.
• Pelvis and acetabulum surgery.
• Treatment for infected fractures and osteomyelitis.
• Limb lengthening.
• Bone and joint transplantation.
• Minimally invasive bone grafting.
• Complex soft tissue reconstruction.
• Complex upper extremity reconstruction.

Our personal goal with Acute and Reconstructive orthopedics is to utilize the safest, most advanced methods and technologies available to encourage optimal recovery and return maximum functionality to injured body parts.

Orthopedic Trauma is defined as a sudden and extreme shock or impact from an external source causing bone bruising, fracture, breakage, sprain or laceration. Symptoms of Orthopedic Trauma include but are not limited to:

• Stiffness
• Loss of movement
• Weakness and/or Swelling
• Deformity

Fact: Improperly treated Orthopedic Trauma in joints can lead to the early onset of arthritic conditions.

Acute injuries can be difficult to accurately diagnose because initial symptoms may not reveal the full extent of the damage.

Orthopedic Trauma Care is a broad category ranging from simple fractures to extreme, life-threatening multiple breaks. The more severe the injury the more complex it is to treat. If it is near a joint or in the pelvic region many complications can occur. Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston Dr. Wayne O. Alani is incredibly experienced and well-equipped to deal with any challenges that may arise during your treatment. All the benefits from such specialized care are far too numerous to iterate here, but a few examples are much lower risk for such complications such as nonunions, malunion(poor alignment), osteomyelitis(infections)

Nonsurgical options include:

• Splints
• Casts
• Braces
• Other External Devices to stabilize the injury

Surgical procedure options:

• Surgery for fractures (minimally invasive)
• Placing Pins, Wires, Screws and Plates directly on the bone
• Bone Grafting (minimally invasive)
• Pelvis and acetabulum surgery.
• Limb lengthening
• Complex Reconstruction
• Bone and Joint transplants
• Complex soft tissue reconstruction
• Complex upper extremity reconstruction

Dr. Wayne Alani encourages and advocates for the implementation of nonsurgical means of treatment whenever possible. However if surgery is necessary, know that you are in good hands. You can trust that the final decisions will be made to accommodate and be sensitive to your needs and preferences based on his expert professional experience.

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