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Dr. Wayne O. Alani M.D. and his friendly staff are committed to delivering the very best in shoulder, knee, and hip care in the Texas. We know how important your health is to you and your well-being. We treat people from all walks of life, and we treat you as an individual in context of the condition. From the initial phone call to the last visit, we want you to feel at ease knowing that you are receiving the highest caliber of individualized medical care.

We make a significant investment in learning about you and your condition. We believe in carefully listening to our patients and thoroughly examining them. Not every shoulder pain has the same treatment, and not every knee or instability has the same therapy. We diagnose and treat both non-surgical and surgical conditions. For many patients, we are able to diagnose and successfully treat them with physician-guided, individualized rehab to help their condition and live active lives again.

For those who need surgery, much of the technology and many of the surgical procedures at our center are at the forefront of the cutting edge, proven medical science in the USA and the world. Whether it be ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, knee arthroscopy, or minimally invasive surgery for virtually any major joint in the body, we practice the best medicine for the best outcomes.

We take pride in delivering the highest quality care, and we hope to gain your trust through integrity and superior results. We thank you for having chosen Dr. Alani, and for allowing us to be a part of your care.


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